Prices For Measuring Only:


<4000 Finished SF non complex-------------------------------------------$150

4000-5000 Finished SF non complex including below grade-------$200

Over 5000 finished SF and complex properties------------------------Quote

Add interior room dimensions to any measure------------------------$25

Add interior walls--------------------------------------------------------------$50

Outside normal service area------------------------------------------------Quote


Scope of work provided for measuring:

What is included: Houses will be measured according to heated finished/unfinished above grade areas and below grade areas, finished/unfinished and reported as such on sketch.  Attached porches and decks will be measured.    

What is not included : Rounded/oval patios and concrete or decking around swimming pools will not be measured.  Nor will the swimming pools.  Detached storage buildings will not be measured.  County records/permits will not be researched to determine whether or not an area has or has not been permitted by the local governing building inspections department.  No septic permits will be researched to determine whether or not a home is approved for a specific number of bedrooms.  For example, because we measure and include 4 bedrooms on a sketch, does not mean there is a 4 bedroom septic permit on file.  We have not researched public county records for any home measure we complete.  The scope of work for  measure assignments as measuring only, not legitimizing square footage that has not been permitted or space that is unknown whether permitting took place.